G. Scott

G. Scott

G. Scott

About me? Easy. Born in Louisiana, raised in Georgia, and since have lived or spent time in Alabama, Florida, Texas, South Carolina, Kentucky, and Tennessee. My technical and educational background is engineering and computer information systems. I fancy myself to be a non-traditional chef, aspiring author, intrepid adventurer, and pioneering foodie. My philosophy on life? Go somewhere you’ve never been, see something you’ve never seen, do something you’ve never done, have a good meal, then come back and write about it so others can share in the experience.

How did I get interested in blogging? Great question! I’ll try to answer that as best I can. I imagine it had something to do with joining Navy and leaving home for the first time for an extended stretch. Suddenly I realized there was more to the world than my home town. After the Navy I had a job that required a great deal of travel but I successfully squandered those opportunities with nary a photograph and precious few souvenirs to commemorate my passing through some locations I may never again have the chance to visit.

Then I “grew up”.

For several years I was relatively sedentary and my travelling and adventure-seeking waned then eventually disappeared. But in 2007 my wanderlust was rekindled when my wife and I revisited New Orleans. It was my first trip to the Big Easy in over a decade and was shortly after the devastation of Katrina and other hurricanes over the previous years. During my visit I fell in love again with the city and decided this time around to document my wanderings. Thus the seed was planted for a travel blog.

My current passions involve history and visiting historical places. It doesn’t hurt if I can slip a history lesson in to my kids while we are on some grand adventure. Great food is always welcome and I will shamelessly plan excursions heavily influenced by local cuisine and dining opportunities. Outdoor activities, especially hiking, are high on my list as I look for opportunities to stay active and fit. Mostly, I just like visiting some place new.

Having lived, loved, laughed, or fought my way across four of the seven continents, I have decided to concentrate my exploration on my immediate surroundings. Currently, I live in Knoxville, Tennessee which is a great home base with a central location to lots of my undiscovered home country. Being almost equidistant from New Orleans, Chicago, Washington D.C., and St. Augustine I can choose a heading in any direction from my neighborhood and very shortly run across some new and interesting adventure.

The more I look, the more I find that for such a young country United States is filled with an impressive amount of history and interesting places on its own. So the bug has bitten me and I look forward to seeking out new frontiers, boldly going where no…sorry. I guess that line’s already been used.

P.S. Look for some quick descriptions of places and events on my highlights page at AFAR.com. Additional photos can be found on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/cafedumoi. The feature articles can always be found here, at Café Du Moi.



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